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I am on a constant quest for the REAL, in people, life, love, and learning.... Which explains why I often feel lost and alone... But my Merciful Creator has things in store for me I cannot see... From the book of Prophets--" Impatience is the very stuff men are made of.I shall show you My signs: do not ask Me to hurry them on."
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Jimi Hendrix Roots Janis Joplin Joss Stone The Refugees Lauren Hill Bob Marley The Wailers Curtis Mayfield INDIA ARIE Angie Stone... Norah Jones LUPE FIASCO Tupac Shaker Sublime Matisyahu Wale....
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'As a sinner I am truly conscious of having often offended my Creator and I beg him to forgive me, but as a Queen and Sovereign, I am aware of no fault or offence for which I have to render account to anyone here below.'
~ Mary, Queen of Scots to her jailer, Sir Amias Paulet; October 1586