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Not really much to say. Aspiring Game Designer from the D. Been in love with music since...shit, I dont even remember. I'm a huge fan of pointing out the distinction between real hip hop and rap. I don't believe I have to do it on here though. If you're a Lupe fan, you should know this stuff already. Other lil tidbits about me...uh....I love anime, but to be honest, I more of a fan of manga. Too much filler in anime. Yes, that's actually me in the picture. Stuntman comes from a high schol drumline name. Cymbalists are the shit. Major martial arts freak, currently learning Capoeira, the shit is too fun, but I want to pick up a few more before I die. Love Jazz and Rock more than any other type of music, but more often than not, I'm listening to Lu or Jazz. Concluding with personality traits...I suppose I'm often known as modest, though I don't see it, lol. Pretty chill, really laid back. I praise high intelligence like the pope praises god...I praise god 2 though, lol. That's all 4 now
Stuntman (Stick with the drumline name for now)
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I dont tweet. Tryna break my facebook addiction now, lol