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Yo... My name is Natalie.. I used to be a little punk kid running around wearing anti-Bush shirts and anti-war... I don't wear the shirts any more, but I am still that little punk kid at heart.. I hate big government and the corruption that it all involves.. no party is a good party.. no party has the people of america in their hearts.. every politician is apart of and only voting for the 1% of america that's running the country and sending jobs overseas to make more money... Shit makes me sick to my stomach... I grew up thinking I could grow up to be someone to help change the country and it's just not how it works... you have to either be born into it or be pushed into it by getting in with the "right" people.. the day of small town hero's is gone. I grew up in a town of 2000 people, graduated with 100 kids.. and saw and suffered first hand from the non existent education system our country has.. I'm going to be a teacher someday real soon here and thats the only way I see that I can make a change.. is with kids.. They are the future and our only hope to a better tomorrow.. that's my plan... And that's a little about me.
Listen to music, play sports, hang out with family and friends.. and spend as much time outside as possible doing everything and anything from building stuff to fishing and hunting.
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Ramones, Pogues, Casualties, Rancid, Anti-Flag, Green Day, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, NOFX, The Offspring.. Blue Felix... and the list goes on...
United States
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I've been to quite a few Warped Tour's '04-'08 and they were all sick.... been to a green day concert... my favorite one would have to be when the offspring performed at warped.. it was sick.. 90 degrees and they played all the classics and then sprayed the crowd with water.
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