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Miss Michel


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Miss Michel
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.I like the simple things in life.. .I love to read.. Only non-fiction stuff, though.. Always about Politics, Economics, History, Ancient History & Conspiracy Theories.. 'Knowledge is Power' .I am such a huge, MAHOOSIVE fan of REAL hip-hop.. Lupe included, obviously :) .I am such a fan of instruments.. I can't play many lol, but I aim to be a fluent player in a wide range of them, including world folk instruments .I love smiling.. And laughing at myself.. And apparently I'm funny :) .I love motorbikes and cars.. and I have my eyes set on the bike I want to get! Just have to save up real hard! .I am an activist.. I guess you'd call me a Socialist, but I don't like labels .I'm from the UK.. .I believe that true intelligence isn't determined by academics.. (Coming from someone who did well at school lol.. But I mean what I say!) .I'm working hard on a project to strengthen the black community in London.. Wish me luck!
Charli Michel
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