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I consider myself a student of life. I am also a skeptic of it. I stay healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually I practice jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai, and recently started Wing Chun I like to read a lot Tai Chi is good for the soul, as is Yoga I love Tofu, and I love cooking. Any questions, please ask
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Hotep Brotha :) Thanks so much... It is nice to meet other conscious folks! haha Hope all is well ya way!

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Thank you much for the pearls and gems :-) I concur with what you have shared and have done research on the wisdom you speak regarding this holographic universe. Quite amazing I must say. I will also check out that book, as I am always on the hunt for things to trigger my remembrance. Apologies for the late response as well. Just like yourself I have been finding myself spending less and less time on the computer. My email address is if you are interested to contact me other than this site. It is so nice to have you as my friend Mike and I have asked the universe to pull in more people as yourself into my life. I hope all has been well with you since we last spoke and until we chat again.... take care....
once again thanks for your insight

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Hello, again :-) I am sorry for the late response.....You made an incredible point with your comment about the colors of the rainbow and its symbolism of not being able to reflect our true greatness. I am aware that there are colors well beyond our frequency that we can not even been to fathom their appearance and while at the SAME TIME I also have heard that there really is no such thing as "color" but it is just the physical manifestation of the different frequencies every atom holds. Kinda like we live in a monochromatic world.
In regards to meditation I believe it depends on the individual and their perception of life. I think that it promotes both a still mind for you to become conscious... when your mind turns off the externals or reaches a "still point" then you are able to be come fully conscious or commune with God/Source/Infinite Mind/Yahweh/ Elohim/Allah or whoever name you have given to the creator. So I actually believe that there is not a difference between the two...but I could be great question. Don't be a stranger now!!!! We are officially friends LOL xoxo :-) not that we never were. Namaste

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Hi Mike , Just got your comment. Thanks
Since you are one of my facebook family :) and we have Mr.Jaco to thank for that lol I'd like to say thankyou for Inviting me into your network I've learned alot from your posts & look forward to one day finally getting it lol. guess some of us just learn slower than others. well just wanted to say hi.
hope all is well in your world!


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Hey,How's it going? To answer your question, yes I like to use it as a greeting and I actually use a different method for meditation :-) Nothing special really, I just imagine beams of ROYGBIV in there respective chakras root to crown spinning my wheels while using the breathing technique (MM,MN,NN,NM) m=mouth n=nose. Thanks for asking!!!! wishing you the best
xoxo nik

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ji ji jitsu... well however you say it , i can learn quickly, u dont have to be an instructor i always wished as a kid to be in those classes but my mom could never afford it, lol, i always wished i could do it, i know now that true strength comes from inner core strength and to see it means it is possible...but i will check out your facebook..thanks for responding...hope you keep in contact my myspace is hit me up sometime. peace

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yea i like some of her music. she has a pretty voice

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hopefully r&b does come back in 2010 cuz it's been slackin right now lol

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Hai, whats up, yes it is rare that i find a fellow clevelander that loves Lupes art aswell as I do.

hey i see that you do Tai Chi , heres the question, can you teach me lol. i am interested in that kind of stuff.

thanks 4 the comment too, stay in touch.