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Hello, I’m a DJ in NYC who is currently going to SUNY FREDONIA. Word to mouth is that you are performing at our school for the Glorious FRED FEST 2012. I DJ at the only Club in downtown Fredonia called “DOONS" and would like for you to join me and the staff at Doons along with all the other Lupe Fiasco fans/College students that weekend for a memorable time. The owners of Doons would like get in contact with you also to offer you certain luxuries and amenities. You can contact me:
Thank you for your time.
God Bless

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Nice To Meet You
My name is Vick.
here is my privet e-mail '(
I would like to know you the more, I can send you my picture and my detail's, I'm waiting for your mail to my email address above. please do not chat with me here just send me email and I'll get back to you with love.