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Lupe Fiasco


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Lupe Fiasco
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Lupe is currently hard at work in the studio preparing the release of his much-anticipated new album LASERS set to hit shelves early 2010 on 1st & 15th/Atlantic Records.


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"You goin have to take submarines to the drive in noooooooowwwww."


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Hello, Lupe.

Nice day, isn't it?

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Hey Lupe,

I'm not sure what is the proper way to go about doing this, but you could you help point me to where I might find booking information?

Assalaam ualaykum,

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Question for you.
Thank You 4 Your Time

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hey bro,
when is Im Beamin' going to be released on iTunes in Aus, or how else can i buy it,
can not wait any longer to hear it!

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Hey Lupe,

I'm not sure if you read these comments here or not. I was wondering if I can get a mailing address or an email address to send you my letter. It is about starting an organization in Chicago for people in poor living conditions in order to empower them (South,West). I finished reading the Autobiography pf Malcolm X in Jan 10, wrote the letter on the 24th, got lost in the Humboldt Park/Garfield area on the 26th (and saw what Malcolm was talkin about), and saw your video comparing Chicago to Haiti today. While I do not like O'Reilly at all, that is one thing that I can agree on. Well, I hope to hear back so I can mail (or email) these ideas and get the ball rolling.

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hey lupe... just an idea the chicago blackhawks are having an unbelieveable season right now... maybe give a shout out to them in an up comming song? can not wait for lasers... you should come to boston

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Yo Lupe need one of your tour stops to be in the Caribbean....Trinidad to be more specific...keep up the great work, we need music like yours, blessings from Trinidad and all the best in your endeavors

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Lupe Fiasco your incredible. I cant wait for you new album lasers to come out, Enemy of the state blew my mind. Also i'm an up and coming entrepreneur with my own clothing line called ANCEZTAZ and it would be out of this world to get you some of my clothes. Anyways i think its great what you contribute to the hip hop community and i hope you never stop doing what you are doing. STOP BY VA SOME TIME.

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If you could listen to the single song I have on bandcamp, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Good luck on your climb bro. Make it a safe one. We're rooting for ya here in the D!

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Be easy on the mountain climb!!!

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Merry Christmas Lu =D

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Does 1st & 15th have an official site? The link on myspace didn't work & would like to contact for some info. Anyways, I love & respect music, creativity, & the person you are inside. It's nice to know that you can give hiphop a different face with still bringin the same heat. You definitely make intelligence very attractive. Don't ever change.

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Don't change who you are and lose yourself in the fame; evolve.
Peace and much love to ya.

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That enemy of the sate was FIRE!!! Or should i say YOGA FIRE? LOL Was that a dalshim reference...? Anyway can't wait for lasers and keep doin your thing man, you're as real as it gets and i love your sound

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Luv you Lupe! Mixtape was insane! Cant wait for Lasers to cme out! xD

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contact me, need an Drop for Urban Legends MIXTAPES!

Works hard on it


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enemy of the state was amazing... you gotta come up to boston

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Lookin Too Get Signed To 1st & 15th Soon Hit Me.I Got Good Material And A Album On The Way Keep Doing yO Thing Much Support ~ Marlee ~

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i thought the album was done already! cmon dawg!
enemy of the state was dope, been playin that shit on repeat for awhile now!

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Empire State of Mind: A Love Story Mixtape was auh-mazing!! Highly anticipating Lasers in 2010 and can't wait for Friends of the People Mixtape to drop on Christmas Day.

You should do a freestyle over a holiday jingle like "here comes santa claus" and switch to "here comes lupe" Lol that would be hilarious and you would probably clown on that track...thought about that??

You are one of the few artists I go ham, nuts, ecstatic about (you, beyonce, janet jackson, michael jackson, and the jackson rest of the clan)...You have quality music, don't quit so soon.

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Who wants to bet Detox drops before Lasers?

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I adore what you do. :)

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i personally think that would be awesome as fuck to hear you go at it with jay Electronica... both of yall are some sick lyricists.. im pretty positive in the end you'll have the dub, but still the hip hop world needs a nice lil battle and yall two would deliver like dominos... just my opinion Wasalu...

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Yo Lupe what up? Was that really you on the Okayplayer boards?

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Bro, ur mixtape Enemy Of The State got me fiendin for more new stuff... I love the song Girlfriend you did wit Chris Breezy for his new album... It was hot... I was wonderin when you'd collab wit him after I saw a vid of yall a year or so ago on youtube freestylin together and I knew you wouldnt disappoint.... Jus showin love and lettin you know that ur more than jus an artist to me and others like me.... Ur like the epitome of wat I wanna be... I look up to you and so do many others and I love how you are bein such a continually positive influence on us, ur fans..... Thank you for everything Lupe, you are the man.... And I'm gonna be EXTREMELY sad when you retire..... No bullshit and No homo, but I almost started cryin when I read about it in XXL early this year.... I'm a huge fan and I never want you to quit doin yo thing and I and hope believe you will continue jus cuz you have such respect and so much love for the art..... But I'm Outtie 500.... If I may quote you, Peace... And much love to you....

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Enemy of the state is amazing, cant wait till lasers

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LUPE!!!! congrats on enemy of the state! its amazing!!!!! and this website is awesome too! GOOOOOD LUUUUUUCK on the album!!!!! gonna be great i know! "excellence is my presence, never tense, never hesitant"

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"only God is great enemy of the state"

im not too bummed out that lasers is dropping in early 2010... at least we're getting Friend of the People...!!!!

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Now what am i supposed to look forward 2 this christmas since Lasers seems like it's never gonna come out?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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CSUN concert was down!!!

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there is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune, omitted; all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and miseries. on such a full sea are we now afloat, and we must take the current when it serves, or lose the ventures before us.

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Your the yessur

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Mr.Fiasco , it's a gift to hear your words, prove again their purpose , hope to collaborate some day, in the meant time can't wait for that album!!

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wat down lupe good shit off kildare and madison ya digg

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peace lupe! all respect keep giving that knowledge

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Lupe, your killing it right now. Keep up the great work. Can't wait for "Lasers".

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new fiasco site = dope. keep grinding ahk. let's goooooooo!

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Keep doing what youre doing! EOTS is amazing...cant wait for LASERS. You ARE 1-5!

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i love you.

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Enermy of the State was amazing, can't wait for the next mixtape and the album.

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I may b kinda young, but Lupe, thanks for all your great music and your my favorite musician

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I only have THREE WORDS TO SAY: I LOVE LUPE!! x0x0x0x FIRST!