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lexy moore


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lexy moore
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Hi I am 12 i was born on july 7. I have 2 younger siblings . At a very young age i got into music and now I luv it it jus helps me get through life. So now that i am older and i found out my talent which is being a music prodigy and i also know what i am meant to do and why i am here. But right now everyone tells me i am a great songwritter i am the best they seen but i still would like some help i mean i am looking for someone that is willing to help me. I have alot of dreams but my one is to be able to have someone famous read or listen to my songs. So i know that when i get older people will say I have to give away that dream but in my mind i am going to keep it.
chicago IL
United States
Leah Ellis
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Nice To Meet You
My name is Vick.
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hello my name is angel i got your profile in
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Hello dear
How are you doing today, i hope every things is OK with you as its my
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