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I'm Lady Z I'm 23, an 80'z baby Lupe crazy i'm so CHI til I die 5'2 pretty n petite, all the statisticz I sure did beat.A.k.a Ghanaian Goddezz there'z no doubt when it comez to rapperz Lu iz one of the hottezt. Love em with hershey kizzez not ur average chick not the one u can hit quit forget n oh yez y will mizz thiz. To the fullezt I love n live life, alwayz a good gurl so u kno i act right, talk to me crazy ur not even worth my day or night. Let ur light shine n keep beamin, it'z ur time sing ur song, mozt def the show will go on. Itz FNF UP not Lozerz, but Lazerz cant u see...Lupe will u marry besoz
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Hi! I am Miss Queen
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