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LaDii B-More


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LaDii B-More
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HOTEP! The name is LaDii B-More (Lady Be More) & it means to "Be More" literally... Be More Educated, Be More Paid, Be More whatever you want to be. I am what they consider "conscious" I am knowledgeable about things that others aren't. I'm AFROCENTRIC, like Lupe said "Africa's the set.. yeah that's the MOTHERLAND!" I have locs.. I don't call em "dreads" because there is NOTHING dreadful about em! Also.. I don't eat swine, beef, poultry nor any other "air breathing animal" Anywho.. If you want to know MORE link me :)
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LaDii B-More
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HTP queen, I am Mike, and I am glad to see someone else here who is in tune with KMT.

As for your locs, they are nor dreadful. My first teacher has the absolute most beautiful locs and remember that is't not whether they are dreadful in appearance, but the dread they instill within those who should feel dreadful. The locs are the antennas, the roots.

Peace, hopefully we can build a little bit.