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Jon Wilson


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Jon Wilson
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Jon Wilson is just an regular person. By day that is... By night I'm a aspiring artist, I do poet, I'ma community organizer, and college student. anyway I can contribute to making this world a better place( I'm Down)
Chicago, IL and Gary, IN
Jon Wilson
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Hey, what's up man? I got a few mashups on my YouTube page that features Lupe on 'em if you're interested in listening. Hit up my page to get a my page? lol 'preciate it in advance man. Take it light...FNF UP!!!!

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I write lyrics....I would like to read ur poems!

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You're handsome.
For your night endeavors as a superhero, you should listen to Reflection Eternal's Revolutions Per Minute.


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if u luv gudd musicK please listen to $haggy GoHard GiBB!N$
im beaming art 2

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just facebooking and listening to music :D

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what's up?