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Jay Alan


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Jay Alan
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Don't want to start of saying I'm a big fan of Lupe but I guess I just did. Bought both albums and been anticipating the upcoming although I don't think it's fair for anyone to push you to make a hit single. In my personal opinin (in the off chane Lupe himself is reading this) every song has been and will continue to be a hit. I'm sick of rappers coming out with lame beats rapping/rhyming about having sex in the bar and doing drugs in your car. It's old and annoying. Lupe is amongst the rare if only rapper who's lyrics stand for something, they have meaning, his songs tell a real story that goes beyond these dull-minded "entertainers/performerrs" if you can call them such. If you see this Lupe, keep doing what you've been doing-being you and letting us know who you are
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Just bought the video for "Show Goes On". Super inspirational. I'm really hoping that's the last song on Lupe's cd "LASERS" (LOVE ALWAYS SHINES EVERYTIME, REMEMBER 2 SMILE) - awesome anagram by the way - but that would be such a bangin' close out. Like when he had "Go Baby" at the end of FnL. Anyway, it;'s funny too at the time my then fiance' (now wife) saw the video she swore we looked alike since my hair wasn't cut then. And there's this kid from my old neighborhood who always calls me Lupe. Not gonna brag on that though, I just thought it was cool to be compared to a cool artist. Anywho, gotta get back to work