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Jared Re-z Rivera
About Me: 
I'm Jared, people call me RE-Z Vera 24,Living in ATL. Born in Boston son! Grew up in round Georgia Shawty. Yep, i'm a lyrical MC, creative writer, song writer, performance artist, poet, and whatever else I choose to be at the moment. My music ranges anywhere from Hip-hop to Rock, to jazz lyrics, and even blues, and just about everything in between. Usually the content of my sings focuses on understanding a greater reality, world issues and solutions, personal experiences in spirituality, and whatever else moves me, especially if it serves to uplift others. I write stories for children, and have written drafts for books on esoteric topics. My poetry basically focuses on the same criteria as my music only now, I wish to step away from the more serious topics that go on in our lives and the world and make people laugh more. Other than that i'm just a regular dude chilling down in the ATL trying to make it happen. I would very much like to get in touch with Lupe and his label staff and get underway the next wave of conscious music to sweep the nation. The season is right, and the harvest is ripe. I have to offer exactly what the world needs musically to expanded into an entirely new musical and overall artistic paradigm. Peace and Blessings Yall.
Music, Song writing, Story writing and telling, Poetry, Dancing, Rapping, Singing.
Favorite Bands: 
Linkin Park,Owl city
United States
Jared Re-z Rivera Aka Re-z Vera!