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Jaoptical cobie


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Jaoptical cobie,
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That simple kid with not much to say unless your bringing up the subject. I've been across the U.S., but never really got to look around. Just from Houston to Flint. I always wished to see more of the world, but I never thought I would get enough money to see them, but with the help of my walk-man's, my MP3's, to my new ipod, I made it through anything. It taught me how to turn nothing into something, but at the same time, something into nothing. I write my own music, I like to freestyle for fun, and my TRUE friends are the same way.. Society calls us "Troubled Kids", or "Maniacs." But I like to tell my World Geography teacher "I'm an Artisan." The reason I made this profile is just to show my support to Lupe Fiasco for working so hard to create, produce and release his talent to all of our ears. So, Thank you Lupe Fiasco.
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