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Ibis Thoth


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Ibis Thoth
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I like creating I like keeping I like scribing I like learning "Words like God is Greek or Latin So if you study Egypt, you'll see the truth written by the masters"-even Nas knows the truth I love studying ancient Kemet as well as other ancient civilizations. But my main focus is on Kemet (or known in the mainstream as Egypt). I am a student currently going for my bachelors degree in religious studies. I currently hold an associates of arts degree (doesn't mean much really). And yes, I am a fan of Lupe Fiasco. The brotha puts out good vibes and jives the brains. I am here to network, chat, and maybe teach something. Any questions? Feel free to ask. I am a very approachable person. Check out the videos or images I will be posting. Some might be good, some might not, I doesn't matter to me. Take everything you learn with a grain of salt. Hotep!
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I've been wanting to read that book for so long now.
I'm gonna buy it this weekend.
Have you heard the song Paradise Lost?
Well Johnny 3 Tears (the guy in the music video of Young on my page) he read that book too.
He really liked it so he made a song about it.
Here's the link.