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im a rapper. kid ikarus. chack me out at im nice too put me to the test, im cocky i know youll like it. lupe is my favorite artist and biggest influence hands down. im a city kid. you can find me in a maze of smog and giant skyscrapers. i like to hang out in sub-way stations too even though my city dosent have one. my best friends is my i-pod, and my backpack since i walk everywhere i go. i love comic books, video games, and all forms of music particularly hip-hop and warped tour rock (too many subgenres too name, technically punk but i call it all wapred tour rock). my dream would be to make it big enough with my music to open up other channels in the entertainment industry. i want to write a novel someday, screen write movies, act (plays, film) all which i have a bit of experience in. but making music is my one true passion. hit me up i love to meet new people.
United States
Kid Ikarus
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