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I'm short, spunky, and a tad bit funky. I'm also kinda shy, but if you get to know me, I'm pretty fly. (: Hahah, now on a more serious note. I was born a New Englander, but now I'm living it up under the wild California sun. I love creating art and my passion for music has always been a big influence on my drawings. Some of my favorite things to do are watch football and basketball (Patriots and Celtics, baby!), play sports (even though I suck at everything), and of course, listen to music and draw. I'm a very open minded person, but I can also be very stubborn. Still, I live and I learn and I'm always trying to gain life lessons so I can become a better person. I believe I'm a good person, hahah. Why do I love Lupe? He changed the way I saw Hip Hop.. no he changed the way I saw Music, forever. Hahah, sounds lame, but I'm serious. I also admire him for not only making kick ass music and being the best lyricist in the game, but for also being a positive influence. You the best, Lupe!
San Jose
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