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Damien 'Wushu child' Pettit


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Damien 'Wushu child' Pettit
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By trade (and passion) I am an Actor and Martial Artist, just hitting my middle 20's. Since I was a little 4ft 5 wana be Bruce Lee I have embraced everything in performing arts and martial arts that I possibly could. I have played drums since the age of 11, turning to hip/hop after years of playing a rock style because of the off counter style of play. My love for music is as strong as my passion for acting/martial arts and it's Artists (that deserve more attention) like Lupe, Em, G F K, Naz that help influence my eclectic taste, jumping from James Brown to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park to Motown, Steele Pulse to the Fugees, to name a few. I have just recently married my Beautiful wife Annelise of Mauritian decent, I'm lucky enough to have a lovely family,I try and stay as positive in life as I can whilst having a good time and smiling. Lupe, as an artist you are on a par for me with Em, your content and flow is so socially aware yet linguistically profound.
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Damien Pettit
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