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D-Money A.K.A. D.A.F.


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D-Money A.K.A. D.A.F.
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My name Dmarco, Also knows as D-Money or D.A.F. I'm from Chi Town Illionis, But right now i'm in St.Cloud Minnesota For College. But i'm cool once you get to know me,I keep it real as can be. So sit and relax cuz imma do me and you do you. I like a lots things including females. So i'm ya boy if ya wanna chat just drop me a jingle ya heard. I'm an all-around cool person. Music wise, I like a little Bit of everything. So that makes me versatile. I like many movies but mostly horror. My favorite shows are the Boondocks, Family Guy and many others. So, It's would be hard to say. I've read many books too, in the meantime. Also, for as for my heroes, there are Tupac Shakur, Lupe Fiasco & Michael Jackson.
St. Cloud, MN & Chicago, Ill [Hometown]
United States
Dmarco Fincher
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