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Gassho!!!! Nicole. 23yrs. music. exercise. love. wisdom. under(inner)over STANDING of this thing called= life o yeah and what is life without cupcakes...xoxo :-)
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Just remember there is no right answer for the question I posed, because I am living you and you are living me, and both of us are living everyone else. Since we are all subconsciously intertwined, we are experiencing a universal etheric consciousness, which is the next body of evolution triggered by the shift to the galactic center (As we move from our home in the small Sagittarius galaxy and return to our great "milky" mother).

Anyway, I would absolutely love to stay in touch. I am starting to phase into a new paradigm shift right now, and I am going to be limiting my time on the computer to focus more on meditating, as well as having more spiritual experiences trying to reach out and touch more people. I would pose you maybe take my e-mail, and go from there.

Peace Aquarian Goddess

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Peace Aquarian Goddess. So we're friends now? That's cool but chances are, we've met on another spiritual plane before, so chances are, we are reconnecting in this cipher :).

As for the rainbow colors, remember how the colors of the chakras correspond to the different meridian points of the body, plus the thousand petalled lotus crown chakra's illumination is limitless. I always say there are way more than 7 chakra points because once the crown is achieved, really the vehicle has begun to move giving one the opportunity to explore each petal of the lotus.

I also believe there is no such thing as color, or light for that matter. There is such thing as energy, or photons, which reflect off the retina to create "light". But in essence, everyone is an energy being considering particles accelerated is merely energy (that is why it is important to get those wheels spinning!). Everyone is filtered through the subconscious before a picture is even formed in the physical. A good book on this topic is Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.

As for the correlation with the atom, take a look at the structure of an Atom then compare it with the structure of the universe and one will see a similarity in formation. As above, so will be below...

This God/Goddess/Anunaki/Elohim/Allahim/Sophia/Abraxas what I like to call the absolute, or the divine emptiness or absolute space, which yields to nothing. The Absolute is responsible for the spontaneous manifestation of divine language, which comes in the form of gods, humans, ET's, etheric beings, shapeshifters, Annunaki, animals, etc. I could write a dissertation on the absolute, but perhaps we could save that discourse for another date ;)

When one meditates, one tries to go inside their body, which is the closest one will get to the absolute because the spirit, or ether, is the first limitation manifested by the absolute. This spntaneous system works without out consent, which is why Astrology is so prevalent.

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whats it mean?

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thankyou so very much! you are too! is her name with one L aswell? i have never met another Michele with one L.

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excuse my lateness for the reply. I see what you mean. thankyou and dont mind me I'm silly like that. much respect! peace!

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Ahh, thank you for the response Aquarian Goddess! Now I don't want to stifle your rhythm so I will make this message short and sweet. Just remember, the promary colors of the rainbow don't reflect true rainbows, which are people like you and me (Like Bob Marley said in the song "Sun is Shining"). Also, I wanted to ask you what your view on the goal of meditation is. Do you think it's about making the mind blank, or becoming fully conscious? Is there even a difference between the two choices I just gave you? Lol, what a conundrum xD. Anyway, much light to you. HTP!

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Is the Gassho your primary mudra during meditation or does it serve you well as a simple greeting gesture?

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HUH? im slow! do you do?