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Charles JP the Artist


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Charles JP the Artist
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Im an visual artist from the south side of Chicago. Artist such as Jean Michel Basquiat, Romare Bearden, Salvador Dali, and even Lupe have inspired me most to take my artistry to new heights. Similar to Lu, I try and use vivid colors to tell stories and evoke emotional responses in my paintings. My work comes from my life experiences. People call my paintings fresh, forward, and mindful. Great portions of my works are introspective collages. They speak to the intersection of history, music, religion, and politics. I created a great portion of my portfolio listening to "Food & Liquor", "The Cool", and "Graduation". Hip Hop's always played a major role as an influence on my artistry. All my contemporaries wanted to be rappers while I was trying to blend graffiti, folk, graphic, and multimedia aspects into my pieces. Art for change is my mantra. Can't wait to support the upcoming album.
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