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Blizz Mcfly


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Blizz Mcfly
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BLIZZ McFLY, born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. A city in which the music scene is over shadowed by crime, drugs, and poverty. Knowing that this may become a difficult task he has chosen to go against the odds of his failing community. In the early years of his life he realized his love for Hip-Hop and as he grew he witnessed a depreciation of the art form. Later he would develop a hunger for the true definition of Rap, on his quest he discovered an overwhelming desire to deliver his message. Working around the clock daily cultivating his skills as an Emcee, as well as entering the realm of production along with directing and editing his own music videos. By doctoring his own unique style he sets his own standards, opposed to following trends. Respecting music for it's artistry, not just an outlet for riches and fame. Music is a very influential source of education outside of the classroom, with that in mind he hopes to uplift his city and expand his venture globally.
Blizz McFly
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