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Living in France and working for an international development organisation that aims to ensure every child, wherever they be from, accesses quality education which is one of the surest ways to lift people out of poverty. That aside love travelling to places in the wilderness and - when possible - living there too as with each experience it ends up making me a stronger person. Living in Borneo cured me of my fear of insects as had to live with them for a year. Living in Malawi cured me of my fear of strangers as they became my family for 4 years. Relate to anything artistically which speaks volumes about social justice and, I guess, presenting the voices of the underdog which is why I guess am a Lupe Fiasco fan :) Uummm hate doing these profiles describing myself as nothing interesting ever jumps out but all I can say is hoping get to see Lupe live one of these days.
Photography, loafing, foreign film, reading, travelling to far flung places which most people don't realise exist, staking out good vegetarian restaurants in Paris (believe me there aren't too many around), learning French badly
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In no particular order: Pulp, La Roux, Lily Allen, Blur, Lightening Seeds, Tracy Chapman, Gorillaz, Blur, Manic Street Preachers, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Keane, the Verve, John Legend. Saving the best till last.....Lupe Fiasco who I am sad to say I only discovered in August 2012 when I was recovering from surgery - always discover the best stuff till last. Could paraphrase Kung Fu Panda to say that "[Lupe's] enemies would go blind from over-exposure to [his] pure awesomeness" :) was that too much?? Anyway the moral of the story being that if had to choose a favourite 'band' right now would be Lupe Fiasco
Asma Z
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Blur, London, 1994 and John Legend 2004. Sadly never been lucky enough to see Lupe Fiasco otherwise he would be up there :)
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