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'have you seen the piramid on his arms? ' im talking about le messie

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Well, that post about nas is a lil one btw. I think you could find more sht on nas.

have you seen the piramid on his arms?

well, not only those 2 images disturb me, if you chek out other pictures of him, he has a david (zionist star) TATOED!! I have no clue how lupe goes with those kind of people... also one of their members said we must destroy all religions, or something like that. I had a post on them... also another member has himself pictured like a baphomet.... also alot of illuminati and designs on their false brand.. I might do a post on them. I also saw a piramid with the allseeing eye on their false site..

and this clip death in disco , is deff full of symbolism, 1;43 you see life gates where he puts a disco ball on one of the gates 9/11 he skips 1 wich means skipping god, doing magic. besides he does hail diabo tru out the clip and.

as of other artist, I know that alot of them look up to those like jay-z , nas, p diddy , dr dre , ect.. so they actually spread the same thing with their clothes + lifestyle + lyrics, so that the youth cant sperate real from fake. so basicly its all the same. And some of them are not awear but they do it becouse they need from the labels!

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Do you know if Nas is satanic or anything??' well if you listen to his lyrics probably yes, atleast from what ive heard, I also been on a concert (back then I didnt know about alot of stuff)

f.e you see him calling himself 'gods son' and also picturing himself as a pharaoh... pharaohs used to think they were gods... besides that there is some more on him, if you listen to his lyrics f.e in the nigger song he says there logdes all acros the nation clicks movin like freemasons, so prolly he is involved into the same crap.

and also what are some good music artists that sing in english that have a positive message that you recommend to listen to?? ummm ... the only group I know is Native Deen (a islamic based rnb group). and Dawud Wharnsby (give me your email i will provide you with some mp3s cuz its hard to find)
if you like hiphop you should chek out muslim belal ,

cause nowadays i dont know who to support and who not to..

yepp , it feels kinda weird to see lupe go astray..... his father was a good human, to bad he never reached lupe good enough... i think lupe is hanging with the bad people like kanye west.. and so on.

he is underestimating black magic and spells that could be done on people!

peace brother! pm me your msn (or email) and i will deleted after I added u peace!

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ye bro.. i got bunch of other stuff on him.. maybe doing a expose video but i leave that ova to another brother who is good @ that.. i got buch of pics of lupe illuminati/devil shit on my pc haha too bad he sold out ;/

but yeah no one understand here what up lately haha im glad I do ;)