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Anthony Struck


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Anthony Struck
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this is my life n im lovin every minute finally my time to shine, now just for sum recognition everyones betting against me so im shovin every chip in cuz little do they know anthony strucks that one in a billion i was stuck n empty feelin like, fuck it imma kill him then i seen this preminition i was drunk n spendin millions tacklin the game dont need to summon kevin williams cuz chances are youll crash like sets of drums wit seven cymbals im sumthin like a pilgrim, this reservations mine whats insides been fixed up time to restorate the shine confidence is risin high as elevatin rhymes youll neva bend or break my stride its hella devestation time i could smell a hataz lie, you could tell first place is mine before the revelation you will see this separation bind neva eva traced a line so imma sell this great design well you say im crazy right? i guess john wayne gacys alive
United States
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dude that song you wrote and posted the lyrics for is so sick. do you have a recording of it anywhere? shoot me an email.