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First of all, I don't represent anything but my family, myself and my beliefs. Really, I try to appreciate all music (some I just can't because its either garbage, or I simply can't relate or feel it). Second of all, I am a writer of literature particularly fiction and poetry. I am working on a couple projects right now with aspirations to be a published author. Now for hobbies; I really like to read, play video games, and watch movies. I am also big fan of anime and I am fascinated by early, EARLY Asian culture, particularly Japanese. I find their history, artifacts, and early way of life interesting. That kind of plays a part in my other hobbies, as well. Third and most importantly is the reason I joined this site. Through all the criticism and hate, Lupe Fiasco's music is the only music that speaks to me, some of the only music I can relate, too. The Hip-Hop/Rap genre needs him and his music. In my opinion, Lupe is a lyrical genius that simply no one can match mentally with. FNF.
Read & Write (anything). Other than that, watch anime and movies and play video games. Oh and listen conscious Hip Hop, like Lupe Fiasco. I have all his albums (F&L - Lasers) and can't for F&L 2 (that's not to say that I don't listen to nonsense like Wayne, though. Sometimes I prefer that to give my mind a break)
Favorite Bands: 
Coldplay, Maroon 5, Green Day, Hey Champ!, Japanese Cartoon (waiting to BUY their next album Lupe... er Wasalu), Linkin Park, Nickleback & Creed... that's all I got.
United States
Favorite Concert You've Been To: 
Lupe Fiasco Steppin' Lasers Tour... my first & only concert.


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