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My college English teacher, Professor Fred Feltner, introduced me last month to Lupe’s music. He teaches at Ivy Tech Community College of Indianapolis. Lupe's music is inspirational to say the least. I am probably the last person that you would expect to love his music, but I do. Lupe has always stood up for what he believes shunning the "norm", and instead created his own destiny. I admire him so much for his courage and strength to "go against the grain”. I will never forget the first song I heard. It was "American Terrorist II - Superheroes", and it was the song that Lupe, according to my teacher, "Gave to his fans."
In class, we dissected the lyrics to this song, and also "Daydreamin'" as part of class assignments gearing up for writing a Cultural Analysis paper on a piece of art. We were to choose from a sculpture, piece of art, song, poem, or movie. We delved into Lupe's lyrics so that we may learn how to write a paper, should we choose to, on a song. We also dissected a poem, and even had the joy of watching Lupe's music video for "Daydreamin'" in class. I am now the proud owner of all four of Lupe’s studio albums. This man, my teacher, is an inventive visionary! I LOVE his class, and I will NEVER forget him when this semester is over! Thank you sir!