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Wings don't make you fly, crown don't make you king tattoo

FiascoFanatic_2's picture
on May 21, 2010

What do y'all think about this line from Lupe's "Gold Watch" as a tattoo? I've been thinking about getting one done with this as a theme, but haven't explored any possible ideas about how to make it a tattoo...


Any suggestions???

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First try to think and sketch any ideas that are some what related to wings, king and crown. If it doesn't work try to think outside the box. What other things beside a crown that symbolizes that a man is a king? maybe cape, a scepter, a ring, an special sword...any wild ideas. Then try to mixed and combine those ideas and make some sketches and maybe you can find one.
FiascoFanatic_2's picture

Yea thats true. I know whatever I plan on getting will mean something to me, but I want others to look at it and be able to recognize its actual meaning.
4ziATiC's picture ^ That's what one guy did. And he got in Chinese too. Cool guy.