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Why wont Shinin Down and Im Beamin be on LASERS

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on February 10, 2011

I keep hearin different things and Im not too sure. Just wanted to be informed cz I really like the songs

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Can anyone tell me if I'm Beaming and Shining Down are available as a single. I want to buy the actual CD because I don't do Itunes at all. Please respond. Thank You all.
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Shining Down was taking low-key shots at Atlantic. That's more than likely why.
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It's funny how the album bought from this website costs $13.00 and it doesn't contain the 2 bonus tracks (Shining Down and I'm Beamin'). Whereas the Deluxe version of this album which is available only on iTunes and costs $13.99 contains the 2 bonus tracks I mentioned earlier. For a small price difference, you can get this album only on iTunes. I'm not trying to advertise iTunes here, just pointing out the difference. And it's unfair to well, everyone, that such a difference should be there.
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That is like being told steak is going to be on the menu, but when you sit down to the meal, there is only chicken. I like chicken, but I really had a taste for steak.
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i think they should have still been on the album, old or not. i hope, they become bonus tracks. =)
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Yeah but it wont hurt if they were included. Is there like another petition we can sign to get these songs on LASERS or somethin
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Sadly they're not in the official tracklist, yet there are people that don't want them on the album (Shining Down I don't understand why, but I'm Beamin I wouldn't mind personally if I'm Beaming was not on Lasers) because they think it's too old and such. There is talk about them being possible bonus tracks, however..I'm not 100% sure what's up with the future of these songs. I guess we'll wait and see.