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who'd you'd like to hear on an album with lupe

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    says: (17 Jan '10)

    Aight now i dont know if there's probably a track out already and i just so not in the loop but I can really heat K'naan and Lupe exchanging a few bars well, watcha think and who'd you'd vibe on a track with lupe

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on January 17, 2010

Aight now i dont know if there's probably a track out already and i just so not in the loop but I can really heat K'naan and Lupe exchanging a few bars well, watcha think and who'd you'd vibe on a track with lupe

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and Peer Pressure
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hell yea the cool kids would be fire on a track with lupe. also: clipse, b.o.b., gemini, q tip, talib kweli, AZ, murs.
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i forgot to include chuck inglish and mikey rocks, that would be a hot track

it's crazy the different types of rap lupe can cover, he's got range that no one else has. i mean you see he went hard with bun b on swang on em, not really his style. i think he would go hard with all the rappers on this page too its crazy: common, kanye, outkast, j. cole, qtip. all of em....
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outkast, wiz khalifa, anthony hamilton, musiqsoulchind
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To add some more, and although these are all pipe dreams I would love to see all these artists with Lu Tech N9ne Ill Bill Eternia Ladybug Mecca (said she's a huge fan of Lupe) Strange Fruit Project Brother Ali Atmosphere Common (only if he comes like Resurrection Common) Krayzie Bone Big L (if he was still alive RIP) Jean Grae Immortal Technique (fat chance) Saul Williams MF DOOM Zion I Tunnel Rats Denizen Kane K'naan Aesop Rock (Would provide many GOT DAYUM moments) in his prime D.O.C. Those would all be sick. I would prefer no collabs though.
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Common and j.cole would be sweet
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i say common or ill bill they both nice and they mad real wit wat they have 2 say
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Lupe feat. J. Cole or Eminem or Jay Electronica or Drake or Fabolous
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Kid Cudi, Kanye West or Jay-z !!
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i wana see lupe in a song wit papoose i know he aint that mainstream but hey he got some lyrics and can spit that shit u know?
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ohh even Little Brother can be in there, Ken Starr and am...Kev Browm
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Linkin park or mike shinoda, the gorillaz, utada hikaru, Wale, Gwen Stefani, Kanye
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id like to hear one or two with kanye west and possibly a couple with ne yo and maroon 5
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The only people I can think of at the moment that I would like to see Lupe collaborate with would be Q-Tip and Common. I believe there are many more though..
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"PleaseEducucateArrChildrenEveryday p.e.a.c.e --> (note: NOWAYS you have perpetual childhood --> 25 yo grown kids with a sould of a 12 years old..)" yeh i 2nd what you said and they tryin to "jerk" too...smh
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oh snap i forgot bout this dude...Kam Moye formerlty known as Supastition, MURS and Mr. Lif...yeh add those guys to the mix as well
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gorm what a way to chew me up and spit me out....not sayin I'm ranking him up there like that I just feel for sum reason he has more to him than just making 'em say "oh oh oh oh oh" but i hear what you are saying. My contribution though with Kudi was based on flow when i thought bout it at the time and not fully that much of lyrical content so yeh i hear what you are saying, my bad
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hmmm i think i can even hear Kid Cudi too.
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I'd like to see Lupe use some Jeff Buckely music/lyrics in a track... get some recognition for one of the best and criminally underappreciated musicians/singers of all time
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Talib Kweli, Common and maybe Nas. ^__^
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maybe Jay Electronica?
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i was thinking even Consequence or maybe Rhymfest as well
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Talib Kweli or Lady Gaga o.O I know, that saying Lady Gaga is lame, but still, if you think about it, they could make a brilliant track together. Simply because they both have such an unique style.
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Droolin says:(2 hours ago) Del tha Funkee Homosapien on his 3030 shit Hahaha, I can't even imagine that.
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Del tha Funkee Homosapien on his 3030 shit