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What's Your Favorite Lupe Fiasco Song?

SoundCruiser's picture
on April 09, 2010

I know there are a lot but you gotta have a favorite or something. Mine is;

"If you are what you say you are
a superstar
then have no fear
the crowd is here
and the lights are on and they want a show
oh oh oh oh yeah"

Classic baby! I love this song!

What's yours?



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FlowerChild24's picture

I could only narrow it down to five: 1. Im Beamin 2. The Coolest 3. Shinging Down 4. Sunshine 5. Kick, Push
BlackX1's picture

streets on fire. it's also my favorite song of all time.
princeofqueenzs's picture

Yall gotta feel me on dis 1 "Emperors Soundtrack" and "Dumb it Down"
akidnamedmarcus's picture

hands down!....... dumb it down
Juice's picture

Can't narrow it down to 1 so I'll give you 5 in no particular order: 1. Hip Hop Saved My Life 2. And He Gets The Girl 3. Daydreamin 4. Hurt Me Soul 5. Shining Down Even picking 5 was tough!
Titilope's picture

i like 'sexy can i'
wadz89's picture

lol superstar you sound like a bot...
SoundCruiser's picture

I know choosing one is hard considering the choices we have. I think Superstar is the that "stuck" with me so I can say that it's my favorite. But I do like "Hip Hop saved my life" and "Dumb it down" too. His lyrics is just awesome!
Enakakooc's picture

Dumb it down. Sounds like he put his all into it. Pure genius.
4ziATiC's picture

Superstar is probably my least favorite Lupe song. But that's just me, and there's too much content to narrow it down to just one.