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what do u think the new album is about?

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on January 10, 2010

n what r our hopes bout the album

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maybe its gonna be about knowing the bad things in life & doing nothing to change the situation... ex: "conflict diamonds" & "glory" type tracks.... hope Lasers is a well received/recognized cd of 2010 or even this decade with nominations in every major or minor award show...... with all classic songs that stay relative no matter what year it is
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Its going to be about social interactions like she said "and he gets the girl" type stuff. You can tell just by listening to the snippets "ladies and gents" and "2ways" It should be dopee.
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hmmm. well the albums normally reflect a former song the last one was focusing on the cool. This one heard was most like And he gets the girl which is my second favorite lupe song (my first being the coolest) which is about overcoming what some may see as weird and being comfortable with yourself and eventually people will too. This is gonna be great im so excited!!!!
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Individuality, truth, peace, love, and staying true to ones self
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sommit about dolphins, idk