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Mighty Mos to collaborate with Gorillaz on their next album!

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on December 17, 2009


March? Wow first I've heard of them even recording. I wonder who's producing this one.

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tdotlaydee.'s picture

Nice. Can't wait for it.
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This should be interesting, I couldn't even imagine what will come out of it.
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good news
Kat's picture

Nice! Mos and Gorillaz, this is something to potentially look forward too!.. and Iso true about exposing loool.
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Don't take ExposingTheWicked serious. He's the forum drama queen/conspiracy theorist.
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Too much DX? This is honestly the first time I've been to the site in months and I'm enjoying the site's overhaul. Big fan of Mos and Gorillaz. Still not a big fan of the site because the writers are terrible.
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I seriously hope Danger Mouse handles the majority of the production again. That guys a genius.