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Lupe's Lyrical Competition?

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on December 09, 2009

Who do you believe is lyrically close to Lupe? Right now

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like lu, joe is seriously underrated, and they never get the recognition they deserve.
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joe budden and nas.
thecoolestgurl's picture

joe is wack.
BADmeetsEVIL's picture

Joe Budden will blow out all your mother's asses with his thumb. Fuck what ya heard.
XtinaBiz's picture

I agree w/verbal I was essentially trying to say the same thing, but Lupe is def. in his own category
rxxp's picture

Bitch I'll smack the shit out of you if you disrespect Joe Budden again. That nigga is god
Astroboy35's picture

T.I....JOE BUDDEN.... :S the only one that can be put in the same category as lupe right now in terms of lyrics is prob Jay Electronica and Wale
VerbalInfluence's picture

OLD Kanye, not this new one lol (although I still don't mind him...but lyrically he used to be hotter to me) but other than that, I can't really say anyone is touchin Lupe he has his own style that no one is really that similar to.
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Joe Budden, Jay Elextronica... Lupe is this generations Nas.
thecoolestgurl's picture

joe budden? that dude is wack as fuck
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this might be a cliché but no one. the guy is lyrically insane. kanye might just, MIGHT just jump half the height lupe can jump but yeah. nobody else.
Brezzz's picture

fucking t.i.? you serious?
XtinaBiz's picture

I would say Joe Budden and Kanye, too. But Kanye needs to calm down, b/c I loved Kanye when he first came out, but now he's crazy
rxxp's picture

lulz @t,i.
Sub-Conscious-Thoughts's picture

Joe Budden
thecoolestgurl's picture

i would say t.i. even though their styles are diffrent. or kanye