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Lupe "Nothin On You" original version?

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on June 18, 2010
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lowkey's versions are better something wonderful Special he dissed lupe and wacko bobby
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Dead Prez is really good
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This is s***. B.O.B. did it better. But Dead Prez is probably my favorite, although I do prefer the male vocals on the hook of the B.o.B. version over the female vocals on Dead Prez, as far as how it sounds.
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B.o.B's version is obviously better because it's mastered and everything. Lupe sounds off beat on this and it's most likely because he recorded the versus with out the beat. I think this would be one of Lu's best tracks if this was actually a mastered track.
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It doesn't matter, Dead Prez had the best version... Now that is beautiful music ;)
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oh shit - knew it was meant to be for him but didnt know hed recorded the verses its on par with bobby's but i'll give it another listen when its not 4am after work/drinking