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    says: (09 Dec '09)




    What would you do for Lupe to release it right now?


    I'd eat a klondike bar.

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on December 09, 2009




What would you do for Lupe to release it right now?


I'd eat a klondike bar.

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Oloni_2's picture

LMFAOOOO maab killyourself
Jeff_3's picture

I would cry...
christian_6's picture

Lu said the soonest he would release the next "single for LASERS would probably be the first week of jan."
June's picture

Wrestle a hungry Nigerian....whatup Dami..
Titilope's picture

if he released it right now... guess what i would do. i would buy it! i mean what other options are there?
AnonymousG's picture

If he released it right now I'd One Piece it.
Rod189's picture

lu needs to give us the release date.
Rhymestyle's picture

if he released it now.. I guess I would listen to it
NatalieFiascoFNF's picture

I think he should take however long he think he should. I think Enemy of the State can hold me til LASERS is gonna be yet another classic anyway.
Gramitoz's picture

you cant expect too much from the industry anyway it should be alright, i like his verses more-so than his songs
Switz's picture

Oh Lupe!!!!!!!!!!
AK-47's picture

I'd kill myself....oh wait..then i cant listen to it then...damit i cant wait!
Ibis Thoth's picture

As long as Lupe doesn't release the album in February, he should be good. He doesn't want to contend with the anticipated return of Sade.
FIASCObby's picture

i really wanna throw a tantrum that its not being released this year.. but anticipation makes L.A.S.E.R.S. all that much greater.. cant wait to see what the genius has to teach us
iamalaser's picture either!!! I'd probably do anything...his album releases are like holidays to me...i miss school and everything...:].
Rod189's picture

Its good that hes releasin 2 mixtapes then the album. so it should be alot of buzz surroundin the album.
poetry-rockstar's picture

i would leave in the middle of class right now to get it
Rod189's picture

I would like lupe to collaborate wit r.kelly
KimoTh3rapy's picture

Conceal myself in my room for a couple days and just have it on endless loop.
anagirldee's picture

slap somebody's motha he needs to stop being like Dr. Dre and actually release it soon
VerbalInfluence's picture

I might record R. Kelly peeing on people for a few days if I could just get this album sometime this week...eww...
CheckPlz's picture

Might have to buy two
Keun's picture

Screw my finals
Kutastrephi's picture

Punch a baby. obv.
thecoolestgurl's picture

if he realesd it right now first i would die. then i would go get it, then play it until i cant stand it anymore
richter1605's picture

lol it happens to the best of us
speedstar's picture

Alright I got the joke. I'm a lil slow today. Lot's of school finals on the mind! :D
richter1605's picture

@Speedstar - ya it's normally 15 dollars
speedstar's picture

@ RICHTER1605 - Isn't it regularly like $15? lol or am I mistaken. But um I'd delete my copy and pasted research paper and write it myself for LASERS.
paristokyo_3's picture

id leave work right now to buy it if it were sold right now.