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J. Cole indirects Drake!?!

on May 01, 2010  



"Ain’t sayin’ names, but we no the same
All that money and the fame don’t change the fact that you lame

Might want to grab you a chain
Might want to tip off your hat
Might want to purchase some game 
Homie your shit is so wack"


Idk, kinda sounds like it to me...

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Malik_3's picture

Shut up and just be happy to be fucking Badu my dude.
wadz89's picture

And now the video...
SuperNova_2's picture

Drake Is A Flake, He has to try too Hard
Bozco's picture

I was standin' right in front of J Cole when someone said to him that they were tired of the drake comparisons and that he was better. He just put a sly grin on. That was like a month ago in Cincy
wadz89's picture

Yeah man, everyone likes a good fight.....even if it is lyrically...
1Prophecy's picture

yes i miss lyrical rivalry as well, tired of this humble, lets all collaborate nonsense, bring on the beef tracks and heavy lyricism to show whos the best!
no.body's picture

I thought that too honestly. It makes so much sense as a subliminal jab,but Cole denies it. Honestly I kinda miss some lyrical rivalry in Hip-Hop.
wadz89's picture

Right, cos everyone compares J Cole to drake. If you watch any j cole interview, they always mention drake. So it sounds like hes saying they arent the 'same' etc etc
1Prophecy's picture

lol when does he mention drake?
lupeforlife's picture

I dont get it