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If you were forced to listen to one Lupe Fiasco song for 24 hours on repeat what would it be?

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on December 29, 2009

Trying to post something a lil fun, and not so controversial...i'm gettin tired of that now. :/



so what song would it be??

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I'm Beamin
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The Instrumental.... it's actually the song that turned me on to Lupe as I am a huge fan of the band FAR which is where the hook of the song came from (Nestle to be exact)
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am...hmmm it would have to be "Science Project" ...hmmm...thats tough question yo that aint fair to choose only one
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at the moment id say sunshine... sugafoot...
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twilight zone or pop pop or gogogogogogogoggogogo gagdget flo'.
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Daydreamin... If you like Lupe, you should check out Prototype. Meaningful lyrics yet catchy's his site:
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Go Baby! w00t w00t! ^_^
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thats a serious question
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"What It Do" that'd be perfect for your absent mindedness
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just might be ok
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"he say she say" would be torture. just repeating and repeating and repeating....
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either he say she say or fighters, both great songs
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i would listen to paris tokyo, kick push or we on ft gemini those r really good songs
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penz and needlez people COME ON.... thats an easy answer
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@lm lol...when i heard the hp skit on the mixtape i was like seriouly lu?? lol @js and yeahh i agrre with u on that dumb it down
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go go gadget flow. i feel like its speed. i could get some much work done on that song. and Dumb it Down cause that song takes about 24 hours of listening to figure out the whole message. and finally for chill/relaxing; kick push II or Coming from where I'm from (the truth is among us tape).
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really, their little trademark melody gives me goosebumps
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lmao LM...really hp skit??
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lmao @ LM
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HP skit.
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Uh, I would ask for another rapper. then its would be Boogie Man by mighty mos. :)
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Lol, if I had to add a few more, (finishing off a list of 5, no order), I'd have to say Blackout, And he gets the girl, or Coulda Been, but thats only if we adding mixtapes
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THE cool or he say she say or maybe kick push or the instrumental they have a good sound to them n they put u in a state of mind that dont wont to com out of. its on point....!
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lol word!
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Either The Instrumental or The Coolest. Smooth beat, something I can relax to. If I gotta listen to one song for a whole day straight, it might as well be something I can relax to, lol