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i know when lasers is coming out!!!

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on January 07, 2010
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@ON POINT. I dont see how i am wasting your time. and why am i a jackass
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u r a jakass y u even do this y waste time with dumb shit... its on point
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how about no?
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I dont know bout that... If you like Lupe, you should check out Prototype. Meaningful lyrics yet catchy's his site:
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Well spring was to be expected anyway..We all knew back in early December that he wasn't going to drop the album until he gets back from the climb, and he said obviously before summer, so I was thinking anywhere from March - June. Though I don't have a problem with it being earlier lol.
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That is just shit journalism, whoever wrote that need to take keyboard they wrote it on and eat each individual key. If they don't choke they can look forward to it coming out he other end. gemstones doesn't even go by that name anymore and does gospel now. nikki jean is them just picking past collab names out the hat. And prolyfic? that pressure cooker theif hasn't been associated with fnf or lupe for a couple of years. Exclusively with him and soundtrakk? the very song they posted 2 lines below is produced by the neptunes.