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Fav song from ' The Cool'

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on December 09, 2009

whats your fav song from the cool? mine is ' the coolest'

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KidCastro's picture

hard to choose. i say: paris, tokyo - hello goodbye - the coolest - gold watch
B-Winnizle's picture

Ooo, that's up in the air between Put on Your Game and Fighters. Love em' both deeply.
poetry-rockstar's picture

the die hands down
Vantes's picture

The Coolest is my current favorite right now. But Put You On Game has been my absolute favorite since I first heard the album. "And maybe you can grow up to be a stripper. A welfare receiving prostitute and gold digger. You can watch on TV how they should properly depict ya. Your rivers shall flow of liquors, quench your thirst on my elixirs..." The way that part right there flows... niceeeeeee.
Titilope's picture

the coolest. shit has been on my mp3 for like 2 years now.
LuLusQueen's picture

The Coolest is the best rap song ever!(*Kanye voice*) Its the most overplayed song on my I-Pod...right under Marvin Gaye's Distant lover.
beebee7's picture

the coolest ...i couldnt stop nor cant stop listening to it
broz11's picture

Depends on my mood, the album as a whole is dope...gotta go with The Coolest though
SimplyFola's picture

I honestly can not pick a fav song off that album, cuz I have favs for different reasons on that album. but they are The Die, The Coolest, Fighters & Streets On Fire
Bojangles's picture

The Die....the beat is so sick and the song overrall is just amazing
Yohannes098's picture

gold watch
Gramitoz's picture

Hip Hop Saved My Life, Gold Watch and The Coolest
wiz0_0's picture

The Coolest. Loved everything about that song. I could listen to it on repeat for days.
P.E.A.C.E's picture

Streets on Fire........ period. Speechless.......
no.body's picture

The album flows so seamlessly it's hard to pick. It's more like a package deal with all the songs in one. But Dumb It Down from a purely technical/lyrical perspective is ill, not to mention the point it makes.
Brezzz's picture

Put You On Game,The Coolest, and Dumb It Down
OverDose of Passion's picture

Put you on fucking game!!! Oh my god, the lyrics are so multi-leveled and deep and the whole 50 bars or whatever all the way through, and the metaphor about The Game and Death...and the production is beastly...
Rod189's picture

Streets on fire is mine
Lupe FiastroBoy's picture

Streets On Fire, The Die, Gold Watch & Paris, Tokyo
613's picture

Probably Gold Watch. But also like The Coolest a lot, and Little Weapon
Kat's picture

Sooo many!! I'd say Fighters or Intruder Alert.. but they're all so good
VerbalInfluence's picture

The coolest and the die...
Futura's picture

The Die or Hip Hop Saved
4ziATiC's picture

Paris, Tokyo. Only because it's really mellow and it's a track that eases me. Feel good track on the album.
Illmatic_one's picture

Toss up between "Put you on Game" and "The Die"
XtinaBiz's picture

OMG I forgot Hip Hop saved my life
BADmeetsEVIL's picture

"Fighters", "Paris, Tokyo", "Save my Life". The whole album is dope though.
XtinaBiz's picture

Let's see "Paris Tokyo", "Go Baby", "Put u on Game", " Dumb it Down", "The Die", and "Little Weapon" I have too many favorites
christian_6's picture

go go gadget flow , gold watch
esai.'s picture

hip-hop saved my life and go go gadget flow.