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Talk That Sh#t

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Discuss your favorite producers here 38
New Music 0 n/a
Lupe Fiasco VS. Lil Wanye 50
Lupe & Pharrell - The Minion Mambo 0 n/a
japanese cartoon album 0 n/a
Lowkey is the best!!! 4
J. Cole indirects Drake!?! 10
Lupe "Nothin On You" original version? 7
Is there any other lupe tracks that are not on his albums or mixtapes 4
All City Chess Club 9
Man check out vi is he is dope and Killing the game!!! 0 n/a
Why Atlantic Won't Drop Lasers 2
What does Lupe say in the F&L intro? 2
Worst Lupe bars/lines call them whatever you want. 1
Where is real music? 4
Can you come up with complicated rhymes like lupe? 10
Can we get a UK tour please? 0 n/a
Lupe's buddy, Kanye, finally puts out a new track 15
"i am blu" 0 n/a
I've been waiting since....... 0 n/a
classic / nostalgic Blues, R&B, Soul, Motown, Jazz 8
LASERS anytime soon... 1
NEW BLU TRACK. What do you guys think 3
Wow I JUST caught that line!! 34