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Talk That Sh#t

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Possible Album Release Dates 25
Poetry Session 0 n/a
Poetry by ETW (Hollywood Diss) 0 n/a
Plz Listen 2 My Songs...I am a Lyricist!! 0 n/a
PLEASE HELP! Anyone know any great new artists??? 8
Petition to release Lasers 3
Peoria show 0 n/a
Oscillating Strings 6
opinions? 1
Opinion: Hello/Goodbye 10
One true explanation.... 6
On a Scale of 1-10 How good is "Words I Never Said"? 4
old/rare Lupe songs 5
Old members? New Old Members? 28
Official Lupe Mixtapes 15
Obama spending on nuclear weapons more than Bush 0 n/a
Nujabes Dead... 25
Now THIS is what I'm talkin about... 12
now thats back to the ES SENSE... 1
Noah Francis now on iTunes!! 0 n/a
Noah Francis - Immortal 0 n/a
No new releases 6
Nianja909's Vent Station 20
New Music 0 n/a