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Talk That Sh#t

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Yo Buzy what you think of this? 13
The Truth About The Cool-Dude 17
ayo ian 11
LM_WFC Enjoys A Free Concert... 0 n/a
Army Girl leaked? 2
This Feeling ..... 0 n/a
Japanese Cartoon got owned. 0 n/a
Professor Griff Calls KRS a SELL-OUT "Their All hypocrites" 0 n/a
Blu - The GODlee Barnes LP 17
Gemstones Returns! 11
I know yall...... 8
What is Success ??? 5
Anyone know who this girl is...? 3
Kid Cudi Supports Being Ignorant..... 0 n/a
Diddy - DM- Angels SYMBOLISM !!! 0 n/a
where have you seen lupe live? 12
FnF Army Site... 1
"I don't trust America after watching Zeitgeist" 59
i was on a date with this chick... 7
Lil Wayne- on fire 8
Jay Z's - Dirt off your shoulder - Blue boy Soul Remix 0 n/a
If lupe was ur dinner guest u would...??? 27
Hugo Chavez: Haiti Earthquake Caused by U.S. Tectonic Weapon Test 0 n/a
Even with artists like LUPE 5
Modern Day Idol Worship (Pharrel) 0 n/a