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We Made It!

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  • We Made It!
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    January 12, 2010

    "The thrill of conquering your fears especially in such a physically and mentally taxing environment can't really be done justice in words." - Lupe Fiasco

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on January 12, 2010

"The thrill of conquering your fears especially in such a physically and mentally taxing environment can't really be done justice in words." - Lupe Fiasco


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Congrats Son to U and your team (GREAT CAUSE)...That is why you are a L.A.S.E.R not a loser...lasers emit a broad spectrum light, or simultaneously, at different wavelengths. Lupe w/ FNF u emit a light of consciousness evolved (dramatically higher consciousness with Instant Deep Meditation) that reaches a massive audience from different backgrounds and ages (different wavelengths)...EACH ONE TEACH ONE...I CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS JUST LIKE U...HOPE AND OPPORTUNITY NEEDED--IM A LASER AS WELL--LYRICS AMPLIFIED by SUBPREMACI EMITTING REALNESS...OnE LoVe
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while some need a summary of da slums, you someone who sum it up via summit while at da summit, so say something to the somebody's that don't care via song, cause significance is sang when you sing it, simply put...
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yyyyaaayyyy!!!!! i knew you would.... u are great at anything you do...
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BEASTS!! congrats on making it and doing it in style (for a good cause, not for egotistical reasons)
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it's amazing what we're capable of when we put ourselves under pressure. Humans have infinite potential.. just how do we harness it minus ego, minus fear? Lupe you're coming to NZ in Feb but I can't make it to Splore the fest you're headlining.. just want to wish you safe travels down here and I wish you were playing a concert in my city so I could see the one whose lyrics I know by heart and soul.. ah maybe next time .. :o) thank you for the beats and can't wait for Lasers . amelia
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Congratulations!!! LU !!! you are setting the mark for every1
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send water!!!!!
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sending lots 'o h2o & luvv!!!
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Super Awesome Everyone! Congratulations!!! You are all Inspiring and Amazing! Great Quote Lu! but again everything you write is great and has great meaning! Be Safe
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WOW CONGRATS! I Thought it'd take longer. You guys move pretty fast going up 19,000+ feet in under 6 days. *claps*
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I am so Excited! You did and so did I! If had more money to donate I would! I'm so proud of you Lupe!
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Welcome the tasks that make you go beyond yourself. yo lets kick it in the chi lupe
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hello/goodbye you fighters who kick & push to get closer to sunshine. under pressure.. don't listen to the he say she say, it will not just might be OK, it's COOL & it's REAL!! y'all are my super*s, i gotcha, go baby!! p.s.: don't forget: you gotta eat!
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great job to everyone!!! Nice quote by the way Lu, congrats!
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well done!
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Way to go man. Awesome job!
Rod189's picture drop a sigle now lol
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now playing the one.....iam goin so raw watch me soy sauce wasabi this.......ha ha dope
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