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Busy's picture
on December 17, 2009

Classic N-A-S. One of the FNF crew's favorite records of all time.


FiL.dUbz's picture

ayyyyye! Classic... Trivia: They playin' the original GTA 2 on the tv when Premo asked Nas "You ready?"
Empress's picture

=) no doubt
katisdope's picture

i think my fav is it ain't hard to tell but i just love this song & Nas in general. (=
1Prophecy's picture

What you know about Nasty!
M.shelz's picture

Oh Yesss!! .^_^.
Mike_16's picture

One of my favorite Nas joints as well. I think this is pretty much a favorite of every Nas fan.
Tomiwa's picture

premo UH
nIANja909's picture

What was it all worth? can't take it with you under this earth rich men died and tried but none of it worked they just rob yah grave, I'd rather be alive and paid before my numbers called, histories made Didn't realize you guys over at FnF actually had good taste in music. My favorite Nas joint.
B.BellZ's picture

Nas is a beast hands down everythin he touchs is crazy and his word play is SICK!
SageInfinite's picture

Classic. Amazing track. Why can't we get singles like this anymore?
4ziATiC's picture

favorite nas track
G. Hall's picture

nas one of the greatest. sad that ppl that good can fall out... or be overlooked
ARhymingApe's picture

haha lupe can @j3t
Lm_wfc's picture

samples are crazy, look at if you havent heard the origionals before
9Lives's picture

"Nas is like half man half amazing" Nas is a fucking legend. Greatest Lyricist of all time. No one can top Nas.
X Cilly X's picture

prob my favorite Nas song

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