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Lasers Tour T-Shirt


Lasers Tour T-Shirt
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 2 months ago

Get yours @ Lupe's show in your town!

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Makeurvoiceheard's picture

Amazon and Old Glory has 'em.
Makeurvoiceheard's picture

I think Zazzle's has it, and maybe Ebay. Just google Easy A-B
leeham1017's picture

where can i buy that from???
S'niGGs3's picture

OMG!!! I am totaly into his shirts..... Already Own the ruber braclet LASERS LUPE FIASCO so all I need I a LUPE shirt :)
flemming17's picture

how can i get it
Webster Radebe's picture

i want this t-shirt and if the there is a sweater that goes with it please sing me up for it. my e-mail is to discuss the details

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