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Top 10 list of Lupe songs

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    says: (18 Jun '10)

    Alright so I've been trying to decide on a top 10 list of Lupe songs and I'm coming to the conclusion that I can't fit all the amazing songs he has into 10 spots. Anyways what's your opinion? What's your top 10?

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on June 18, 2010

Alright so I've been trying to decide on a top 10 list of Lupe songs and I'm coming to the conclusion that I can't fit all the amazing songs he has into 10 spots. Anyways what's your opinion? What's your top 10?

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A Bathing Harry -That's all you need for lyrics..
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Airplanes Beautiful Lasers Words I Never Said Double Burger With Cheese The Show Goes On Little Weapon Superstar Shining Down Never Forget You The Coolest
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soooo hard to find out!!! let's try! 1.ALL BLACK EVERYTHING 2. words I never said 3.the show goes on 4.Coming Up 5.Fighters 6.Go go gadget flow 7.I gotcha 8.BMF freestyle 9. Hi definition 10.Muhammad walks
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almost impossible to narrow it to 10 but 1.The Emperor's Soundtrack 2.Daydreamin 3.SLR 4.Put You On Game 5.Hurt Me Soul 6.I Gotcha 7.Kick Push 8.Failure 9.Till I Get There 10.The Coolest
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with no order: ghetto story kick push till i get there can you let me know sunshine go go gadget flow i don't wanna care right now the instrumental intruder alert if you ask me "is there anything else?" off course yes there is, show goes on, bmf freestyle, i gotcha, hi definition and many else...
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No Specific Order Cold World Let's Go I Gotcha [Soon To Be] State Crime Radio Daydreamin' Fire [Jimi Hendrix] Free I'm Beamin Hello/Goodbye American Terrorist
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1) Army Girl 2) He Say She Say 3) Go Baby 4) Angels Remix 5) Hello / Goodbye 6) Girlfriend w/ Chris Brown 7) What U Want 8) Solar Midnite 9) Girl Talk And the Outro to Food & Liquor get it straight.
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This list is the best of the best and lupe got a lot of good ish. 1) Put you on game 2) Daydream 3) Streets on fire 4) The cool 5) Hurt me soul 6) Twilight zone 7) American terrorist 8) Say something freestyle 9) Dumb it down 10) Hip hop saved my life Its crazy that a artist with only 2 albums have a top ten as fully loaded as this p.s. Atlantic stop playing around with his damn album, this some bullshit how you got us real Lupe fans waiting. i get pissed of whenever Lupe name is mention nowadays lol
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Some good lists, but definitely impossible to make, just not enough room. Bit random but I recently listened through Food and Liquor from start to finish and is it just me or does it almost feel like a movie. I find its the greatest album I've ever listened to. Does any one else feel the same?
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This isn't in order: Pens and Needles The Coolest Real Recognize Real The Instrumental Enemy of the State mixtape Lupe the Killer Fire (not jimi hendrix) The Cool Gotta Eat Real and yeah this list is impossible............>.<
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Disclaimer: This is an impossible list to form. 1) The Coolest 2) We On 3) Theme Music to A Drive-By 4) Outty 5000 5) Real Recognize Real 6) Pens & The Needlz 7) Much More 8) Real 9) Pressure (minus Jay-Z) 10) Diamond in the Back
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Not a bad list at all I've heard most, will check out the 2 that I haven't
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Failure Comin' From Where I'm From Daydreamin Gotta Eat Hip Hop Saved My Life The whole Enemy of the State mixtape The whole Fahrenheit 1/15 Part III: A Rhyming Ape His verse on "Spray Paint" by Fort Minor, link here: Coulda Been Mean and Vicious Damn. And a hell of a lot more too...
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I think I have most of those some of my favorites are We On Daydreaming Sunshine most stuff from enemy of the state mix tape dead presidents is great dumb it down hip hop saved my life Streets on Fire well just about anything he puts out
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a couple of freestyles to add to the list Ignorant Freestyle Dear Fall The entire Enemy of the State Mixtape Outty 5000 Don't Get It Twisted (Crucial Conflict's Hay) Freestyle Free Chilly Freestyle (I push ki like dragonball z see what im saiyian) Conflict Diamonds Switch (Classic) And of course the first i ever liste to Dead Presidents
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thats tough but in no particular order here is some songs i listen to alot Hurt Me Soul Ghetto Story (Steady Mobbin) Dumb It Down Gold Watch Sunshine Paris,Tokyo Paris,Tokyo Remix Go Baby Coulda Been Fire ft Jimi Hendrix