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    says: (01 Jun '10)

    In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

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on June 01, 2010

In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

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Below is my comment ... Dam, no one has commented since loll how funny. This is my third comment, preaching again similar things as before, minus the suggestions; my young ecstatic mind apparently thought they were good ideas at the time [doesn't mean they were bad tho! ;p] Lupe, you are still the untouchable goat. I listen to (King)Los, Logic, Ab-Soul, and a few others who have bars. But you're of a different caliber, from another plane, in a different realm, from another universe. Like, the bible bars from the beginning of the third verse of adoration of the magi ... its unfathomable. Like, how? The whole song. How did you think of that. Honestly, how can someone even? Genius. The more I listen to your tracks, the more I feel like you were painting a big picture the entire time (maybe hinting that message with T&Y's album cover?) A while back, I got introduced to the battle rap scene, and man are they talented. Their bars are intricate and complex, but they don't hold weight. You're spitting a story, painting a picture. They're spitting in each others faces. Nonetheless, they got MAD bars. Daylyt, Diz, and Clips are my favs #twitterbattles #keepitgoing #quill #ps:idcifyouhatediz :) Shakespeare is still trailing light-years behind, now even further than before, alongside with the majority of artist who's ever picked up a pen to perform work. I'd also like to thank you again for your work and efforts man. I mean, I cant do much to show my appreciation, but... on everything, thank you. Finally, one of the main reason I came back here, also of the main reasons for my first comment, TimesNuRoman!!!! Dude, this guy is ridiculous! Recall that "Failure (breakdown)" video you shared on FB? A couple weeks after my first comment? He's back! He did Adoration of the Magi, Mural, and Dots & Lines so far! Slight possibility he does a T&Y album breakdown! Show some love man. Maybe collab? To everyone: Pay your homage when its due. Shoutout to Tujunga, CA Much Love, Marv
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Lupe, I made a comment earlier this year, I don't know if you read that one but here comes another one... For F&L II, can you put Gemini on some of the tracks!? That would be lovely. OR at least put as a bonus track the "We On" song, but a mastered version. More people need to hear that tune. For sure one of the best collaborations of all time. Definetly my favorite. By the way, your "get throwed" verse was so sick! but it was too short:/ I have a suggestion, work with Kendrick Lamar. Remix his song "War is my Love". Or maybe make a song like We On with the back-to-back rapping style; that would be seriously amazing. Kendrick and Wale my two new fav rappers. I mean, aside from you cause you cant be touched. Have you heard his verse on Power Circle on Self Made 2 album? oh my. truly in for a treat if you havnt heard that yet! the whole MMG is featured on that song. Kendrick absolutely murdered all of them. Wale was second. The rest were all even. But everyone wants a callabo! or atleast with wale! do this with them, and you better come hard; so everyone can see your talent. Deuce Deuce till next time. Cant WAIT for your album. Much Love!
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Hello, I’m a DJ in NYC who is currently going to SUNY FREDONIA. Word to mouth is that you are performing at our school for the Glorious FRED FEST 2012. I DJ at the only Club in downtown Fredonia called “DOONS" and would like for you to join me and the staff at Doons along with all the other Lupe Fiasco fans/College students that weekend for a memorable time. The owners of Doons would like get in contact with you also to offer you certain luxuries and amenities. You can contact me: Thank you for your time. God Bless
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I'm a big Lupe fan, and looking to use a Lupe song in a non-profit, $0 budget student film. I'm requesting more information on copyright laws? I'm new to this and want to do it right, give credit to Lupe and respect his copyright. Please respond.
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you should add a "request a concert in my city" page. i live in louisville ky and love lupe. i know alot of other ppl in this area do too. i hope you do a concert here in 2012! or even with in a couple of hours from here ill make the drive
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Hello You're a huge inspiration in my life. Not only your music, but your activism. I'm writing a paper. It's a big project for a class for my major; Amst429 at the University of Maryland. It's called perspectives on Popular Culture: Social Activism and Popular Culture. I was wondering if you would be interested in interacting with me a little big while I work on this project. It's basically an analysis of the cause. I would love to look at your cause because it is close to my heart. Would you be able to do this? If not I understand and I can find a cause on my campus but please let me know as soon as you can. I have to turn in the introduction on the 14th of February. I look forward to hearing from you, Ellen Gillingham My number is 443 962 3897 you can also reach me by email
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Salaams, I just wanted to thank you for bringing attention to the Genocide taking places in Palestine. I was proud and inspired when I heard your music. It is not popular or sexy enough to sing about issues concerning human rights but thank you for daring to do so. May you always speak TRUTH to POWER. May Allah bless you with good health today and always. ya haqq! atefeh
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Hey Lupe! You're one of my favorite artists and my friend and I would absolutely love to see you perform at a concert/possibly even meet you! For our graduation present this year we want to come to one of your concerts before we leave for college this August. Sooo... We're keeping tabs on your travels, buuut I think we'd both faint if you came to Maryland before we left for school. Even if you came to PA, NJ, DE, WV, or VA! Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease. We don't mind the drive; we just wanna see you on the east coast so we can meet ya :) Love you always, my dOOd
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Just wanted to pass along a new project called Rhymes and Reasons. It's interviews with hip-hop heads about their lives and songs that influenced them. It tends to take a justice focus. The first interview is up at: If you like it, please spread the word. Thanks Rhymes and Reasons
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I strongly request that this entire message is read. I know you dont vote, but as your biggest fan who also doesnt vote im begging you to make an exception and advocate for Ron Paul. He is the most genuine human of any politician in America and is ignored in the media because if elected he will begin to destroy the status quo. in my opinion he is the last realistic hope to put America on the right track and Lupe is the most powerful advocate to the young people who will potentially realize this and do something about it. LUPE WE NEED YOUR HELP! I would like to also point out that it is rumored that Ron Paul is a racist to which I have no idea, but I do know that his political stance (which has been the same for thirty years) does NOT let his personal views overpower equality. Not to mention he wants to end the ridiculously disproportionately enforced drug war which would be the one of the most helpful things that could be done for the black community. He is also the ONLY politician running for president who wants to get rid of the department of education which as you know has been progressively desensitizing the kids in america since 1980. He also will end the war on terror. I know you disagree with the system in America and I believe you have the right intensions with not voting but doing so this time around will have a negative effect. the fact is either Ron Paul will be president or it will be another currupt president. Once again your biggest fan is begging. This guy is not the typical ethnocentric white politician, but rather the front man for human beings.
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Lupe, I wonder if you’re ever going to read this; eh it’s worth a try I think you’re the greatest artist/author/everything in between ever. Your metaphors, wordplay, story-telling, and similes are untouchable and light years ahead of society! I wish your work can be valued at the amount it deserves. It’s like no other work I’ve seen before. Shakespeare needs to kneel along with all these other MC’s, respectfully. It’s true, your words and lines ARE better than every rapper in the world combined! My suggestion: now that ur semi-mainstream, go back to your old school ways. In ur first two albums, the saga of Michael Young History was described. Make an album with a story so new fans see ur lyrical talent! People will go get your first two albums and then, finally, ur skills will be recognized and appreciated. Put a twist in the story please! Introduce another character or something! Get Soundtrakk back (SLR was such a sweet tune. Murked Soulja’s ass) Thank you for FOTP. I think Enemy of the State is better tho. You should use its concept for a new tape (if made) no weird beats. Lyrical level was high as always (Joaquin Phoenix & Super Cold were phenomenal) I want to give a shoutout to TimesNuRoman on Youtube. He breaks down your songs using visual effects. I messaged him, he’s a college student! Take a look at his work, you’ll be impressed. OH Please, if you can (may seem borderline ridiculous) tell Wale make a mixtape rappin on Old School Beats. I believe he will come hard. He feels he is an underdog, I agree. ACCC needs a mixtape too! Asher= sickass wordsmith! Los (Check on Datpiff) is very talented and deserves some attention. I wish Gemini was still around “We On” was flawless I really hope you read this Lupe. I might be utterly insane for saying these things, but it is what it is man. Im not trying to be Stan loll Thank you for all your hard work and effort. No disrespect to you. I apologize if you feel that way. Shout out from Tujunga, CA Sincerely, Marv
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Is there anyway to contact Lupe Fiasco, to ask for him to come to an event?
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Hi Lupe, Judas from Kenya.......... am no no Kenyan terrorist. your stuff is the real dope! just never lose your mic .
EverydayEddie's picture

Hey lupe I am a 22yr old palestinian american in akron ohio and i just wana say i appreciate you showin love for us and always stayin true you yourself and keepin it real. I too am a artist i would like nothing more than for you to at least listen to this track for me. I know you are very busy but nothing would mean more to me than to have your opinion. thanks, E
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Hi lupe, just wanna start off with saying congrats on coming this far in doing what you love, and keeping it real. Please don't ever change the way you rap, you are a true artist, and i have an endless amount of respect for you. I've been listening to you since Kick Push, and i will keep listening to you if you keep up being real in your lyrics. I just watched " Words I never said " on youtube, and was completely blown away. You never, and I mean never disappoint. It really spoke to me, everything you said in it was completely realistic, and I just wished other people realized it. Reason why I respect you, is cause you make it seem like you're one of the people, not some overly rich rapper, you know whats going on with us. I'm sure that people would agree with that. You're also logical, your lyrics makes sense, and you're intelligent, and you're someone who hopefully will make a change, and start a movement. You will always have my support in your music, and if you ever decide to become president, you'll sure as hell have my vote.Keep up the good work, Come to the Sherman Theater in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania I would really like to see you. I dont know if your going to read this, but i sure as hell hope you do. I would really like to hear back from you man. Send me an Email at . Anyways, take it easy, and keep it real. - Nick Cherubini
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Hi Lupe Fiasco I love that song you did remix to rick ross you are real rapper you for tupac killumnati movement i am down with you i have strong social views like you i am deep studying goverment i like do a interview with you one day 256-503-3611 if somebody know how i can get in touch managment to do interviews
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DUDE I AM from Libya i had to leave because? Gaddafi soldiers came into my house and kicked us out. protesters started walking in the streets saying that they want Gaddafi to leave and he shoot fire on us first. What do u want us to do site there and watch our brothers and sisters die NO we fight for OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS. "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
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... I am so inspired by you Lupe Fiasco. Your so different from rappers nower days, and it's so beautiful the things you support and talk about. I love your music and I am SURE to comee to your upcoming concert in Houston. I recall in a interview that you said you liked Houston.. WELL COME DOWN! My birthdays coming up and it'll be the first time I'll be able to go to a concert... and I really hope its your concert I end up going to. Please. Please. Please come down to Houston. The place that loves you so much and cherishes your music and will not ever make you miss home (:
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Lupe Fiasco, I admire that you mentioned the bombings of the Gaza Strip and that Islam is not a religion of terror in your song "Words I Never Said." Your authentic and politically informative style are refreshing. In society, it is unfortunate, that in society, trivial things overshadow important things and that is a theme of your rap. May Allah bless you.
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What's up Lupe crew. I was wondering was there really going to be a Food and Liquor 2 and also I have been listening to a artist from your 1st and 15th crew GemStones that guy is nice is he still doing music.
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@Bruce Wagner Reach out to Lupe's Press Contact: with the details of your request. @J*J* Thanks for the suggestion!
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Hey lupe webcrew, I was woundering if you all could add more songs to the "nowplaying" thing above because the music there isn't the best of Lupe Fiasco. J*J*
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We would like to know how to contact Lupe Fiasco for a tv interview request. Please let us know how to contact Lupe or his representation. Bruce Wagner, OnlyOneTV, New York. 646-580-0022
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@texun46 With all merchandise inquires, it is best to contact the webstore directly. Along with a description of your issue, please include the name and email you used to place the order and an invoice number if you received one. Contact the store directly by filling out this form: Hope this helps! Lupe WebCrew
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I ordererd "Food and Liquor". Money was taken out of my account 10/17/11. Haven't received it yet? How long does it usually take to receive? Thanks.
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Trying to get this to Lupe Fiasco: Hello, I hope you're well. Sorry for the form letter. I'm collecting songs for a free compilation called Occupy International. Its purpose is simply to promote this two word concept, plain and simple. It will not be associated with a specific label or group, but may be sponsored by a multiplicity of entities. So far the people contributing tracks to this project are: Sole/Tim Holland (Anticon) Kaigen (Curse Ov Dialect) DJ 0.000001/Th' Mole Other artists being contacted include: Street Sweeper Social Club/The Coup Saul Williams Dead Prez Lupe Fiasco Chuck D/Public Enemy Paris Mike Ladd Zach De La Rocha Filastine Joanna Newsom TV On The Radio and many more. Please send your previously released or unreleased track (preferably an unmastered WAV or AIFF), or multiple tracks to choose from, to as soon as possible. The goal is to begin mastering on this project by this Friday.
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Dear Mr. Fiasco: I went to the show in Oakland last night. I write to you now to question your decision to bring a Palestinian flag onstage at the end of the show. How much do you know about this conflict? Do you know that Palestinians have been trying to kill the Jewish people for thousands of years? Do you know how Palestinians feel about black people? Do you know how other Arabs feel about Palestinians? Do you know about the years of efforts and the lives sacrificed by Jewish people on behalf of black people? You have a great platform from which to influence many people, and I could tell that you have political leanings from your show last night. I would love to talk to you anytime about this issue, but I leave you with one thought: You mentioned the need for Peace a lot at the show. Well, if the Palestinians unconditionally put down their weapons, the odds for Peace dramatically improve. And If the Israelis put down theirs? Do you think the result would be the same, or would they be driven into the sea, as Palestinians have been avowing for centuries?
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My name is Kalynn, I live in Youngstown Ohio. Lupe you are seriously the only real artist out there in your music scene right now. You provide a huge inspiration to the people that listen to you. I just wanted to say thank you for being real, and actually talking to people about real issues. You are music.
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Yo...Lupe my name Kyle im an inspiring artist stage name K-WaCC aka Da Loc....Your musical sound gave me inspiration to speak for the unspoken, make a voice for the voiceless...Your words of a better black america open my eyes to whats really important and what america forces on people in order to make there lives feel valueable..Im not jus a fan looking for an autograph but a Man looking for an opportunity to give the world the other side of the story...Not everyone in my neighborhood will ever have a Maybach but the music gets played non stop from a fans point of View the real is gone and ur the last of a dieing bread.. @KWaCCDaLoc...Plz hit me up Email Twitter shit call
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You know the Rhyming Ape mixtape you did with The Gorillas. Yeah, so I was thinking you should really try to get in touch with the DJ/Producer "Daedelus". He was sampled in the Madvillain song "Accordion", and a collab with you would blow my mind.