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That's a Wrap!

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Busy's picture
on January 02, 2010

That's a wrap on Lupe & Kenna. [via]


Killa211's picture

hahaha! :D
BobSmith's picture

That's the devil handsign. What's up with that?
JCutie's picture

NatalieFiascoFNF's picture

COOOOL!!! CLIMB ON THE 7TH!! and by done he means done with the training part
nIANja909's picture

"You're Done"? You ain't even climbed the mountain yet nigga. Lmao.
M.shelz's picture

Cool Beans!
RealisticallyME's picture

lol you're so safe on your trip up the mountain. At any moment you feel sick, you should descend.

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