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The Show Goes On

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September 21, 2012
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pokerfaacekaii's picture

Absolutely love this song, lyrics are brilliant. Lupe is definitely is one of our greatest rappers.
dangerdug65's picture

Lupe you are the greatest! the best song EVER
ROBDOGG97's picture

Double Platinum!!
SAM R.'s picture

never stop being you LUPE!
Daniel Jungberg's picture

This is the most amazing song i've heard in a long time !
misael's picture

Just put it on reply=)
shalena's picture

please lupe do a tour in the uk, you have fans over here, we love your music! xx
HardcoreRockMusicBabeツ's picture

I start singing andd cryinq when i here this song... "The Show Goes On" is myy promotion song... i'm soo glad i made itt this far... andd tht's w. this song talks about... this is me andd i thought i would be dead bfore i even promoted... butt i made itt!! This song keeps myy hopes upp... THANK YOU LUPE FIASCO!! ******************************************************************************************************************** Gila Crossing Community School would love to thank you for making this song come true... we take this song by heart... our reservation has been forgotten and our culture is alomost dead... but we live by this song... instead of giving up, we keep pushing to teach our students the best in life... Thank you Lupe Fiasco. Sincerly, Priscilla Antone-President Robin Fohrenkam-Vice President Charles Goldtooth Cecilia Martinez Victoria Jones-Principle and the rest of the 8th grade students at Gila Crossing Community School. Official website:
ELIT3-X-TACTIXS's picture

ELIT3-X-TACTIXS's picture

looooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this song play it everyday
ikea.speaks.peace's picture

loveeeeee this song, that's soo cliche bt damn this song just moves my spirit! when i wake up i play this. it prepares me to get busy on the world! hahahah lovee lupe! :D
Alec P's picture

We sung this at my 8th grade graduation. Perkins Bass Elementary School. Chicago Il. CLASS OF 2011!!
carlisthefiasco's picture

i know every word. and the reason is because its a lupe song
HardcoreRockMusicBabeツ's picture

I just love listening to this song over and over again!! Lupe never gave up and where i came from there alot of gang members that try to hold us back from reaching our dreams and Lupe; you tell us in this song that to never give up and that the world is ours. The teachers are telling us and pushing us to catch our dreams. and All the kids in my kids are from a ghetto neighborhood which we call the rez... nothing but money problems but when i grow up... imma become a rapper or start my own band!! And this song really let me see how much there is to live for in life... all fingers in the air for Lupe Fiasco!! and Much love to you from me and my whole entire class!! (48 students alotogether) and when the teacher asked us what song we wanted to be our theme song at our promotion; THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY SONG THAT CAME TO MINDS... THANK YOU LUPE FIASCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??
vicki5599Lupelover's picture

This song speaks to me. It moves me every time I hear it!!!It let's everyone know that their not the only ones going through hard times!!This song should speak to EVERYBODY...saying WERE ALL HERE... DON'T GIVE UP!!! just don't stop moving forward and believing... Lupe you went past great music...past great rap and beat and rhythm... you created a worldwide anthem of hope and meaning!!!! It has a new meaning to me every time I listen to it...and i listen to it a lot! So 10 in the air for you Lupe!!!!! It's not just a song...It's a show... that never ends...that keeps going...A Show That Goes On!!!!! -Victoria T
Emoni's picture

I'm going to 9th grade this year im going to drew high school
HardcoreRockMusicBabeツ's picture

i love this song!! im promoting from 8th grade to freshmen year today andd this is my schools theme song because we all know THE SHOW HAS TO GO ON right?;DD
NISA's picture

I like Music This
Bellamy01's picture

I love this song with a passion!!! :)
hiphopsavedme's picture

i get goosebumps when i hear lupes music it seriosly changes my mood when im down and brings me higher when im up .......lupe ur the man
peacequeen3of3's picture

this SONG let alone the ALBUM brought me to tears...there aren't even enough words to express how uplifting, enlightening, inspiring, and refreshing the lyrics are...I LOVE LUPE he's truly a blessing to my life, many other life's, and HIPHOP life.
L-A-S-E-R-S's picture

"Oh-oh Go-Go-God over everything-thing You fly but stars over everything-thing And I'm one of them, yeah one of th-the-them Oh I'm not o-o-one? Well I'm a hundred th-the-then I'm a hundred mother loving stars You're no lights, you're an undercover car I'm an ambulance, and a fire truck, and some strobe lights, tied up! Shining all in your eyes, all out of yours and all into mine"
IslandMpress's picture

Your show at the Albany, NY Armory was amazing last night. Your positive vibes inspires me to continue my work in the social work field. I love you. Sincerly, Shahara
Lupe's 1 Fan's picture

Dude ! As you can see I am absolutely positively Lupe's #1 FAN !! woot woot
raynah kay's picture

....brown grass or green grass picket fence or barbed wire never ever put em down you just lift your arms higher....i feel that. I would also love to meet Lupe in person, he changed this Kenyan's girl's life..:)
Wess's picture

Lupe ur my Hero "Moments of the past coming back 2 find u, not 2 re-live them but 2 remind us"
LASERS4LIFE's picture

I agree with IH3EARTLUP3, stay in there boy!
Dean1957's picture

PURE GENIUS. Lupe Fiasco has done it again. Newly Acclaimed Fiasco fan for life. LASERS is inspiration in itself.
Scuba Steve's picture

This song makes me Believe that in this life I can make it. As a young black boy coming out of the ghetto, I know that the ghetto does not define me I am the artist of my own life. This song and many other Lupe songs shows me that. Lupe Fiasco I have to meet you personally one day to tell you that you saved my life.
Tru's picture

On Point."Even If They Turn Off All The Lights The Show Goes On"


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